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Vibrational Sound Therapy

Sound has been used as a healer since the dawn of time. Chanting, drumming and toning are just some of the ways that sounds have helped those experiencing dis-ease. This ancient knowledge is enjoying a renaissance in the 21st century, with the aid of computer technology.

Each of us has our own personal sound. Every thought and feeling, every part of the body, chemical and process has its own frequency. With the myriad interactions of the food we eat, our physical and sonic environment, other people, the thoughts we think; each of these elements has its own frequency affecting us; unsurprisingly our inner harmony can at times go out of kilter.

If we become out of balance due to stress, accident, illness or trauma our voices reflect this. If any one tone is particularly low or high, there is the possibility that related areas of our functioning can become less than optimal. Long term, excessive imbalance can show itself in illness or feeling below par, physically or mentally.

Sound therapy is a powerful non-invasive technique that can bring balance and healing potential to the body and mind using sound vibrations. Computer software analyses missing or stressed tones in our voice. These are then played back to the client at brainwave level to re-entrain the brain to once again make these frequencies for itself, allowing it to restore balance and health.

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